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EXTERIOR WASH - Your vehicle is treated to our gentle but thorough soft cloth washing process, including your whitewalls that are cleaned with scientifically designed wheel brushes to allow more intense cleaning and "whiter" white whitewalls. Then our attendants go to work with clean towels, wiping your vehicle completely dry. The result is a shining, clean, dry vehicle, which will eliminate water spotting and keep it from immediately picking up a layer of airborne dirt as soon as you leave our care. At this price, it doesn't pay to do it yourself.

Below are the Additional Services we have Available

UNDERCARRIAGE WASH - Our undercarriage wash will flush the salt and dirt from your vehicle's underside and leave it almost as clean as the top.

ULTRA SHINE CONDITIONER - This process provides a highly active wax additive, which results in a brilliant polishing effect that provides your vehicle with a dazzling finish. This wax is applied during the wash cycle for best results.

ULTRA SHINE CLEARCOAT - In this procedure, we spray a coating of foamed wax and polymers over the entire vehicle, which is then gently buffed by our overhead curtain to smooth the surface. The result is a longer lasting shine and a surface that picks up less grit and grime.

SEALER WAX - The finishing touch that provides "Body Shine". This wax is sprayed on your finish during the final process and helps put a protective seal on your vehicle's painted surfaces between waxings. When applied following our ultra shine and clear coat poly gaze or ultra shine and conditioner polish wax, it helps seal in the shine and seal out the damage to your finish from chemical exposure and road contaminants as well as the potentially damaging rays of the sun.

WHEEL DEAL - this debonding agent releases the bond between the metal and dirt, and definitely beats the old method of cleaning each spoke by hand. Available for all wheels - wire, aluminum, and painted - to make them sparkle.

ALA CARTE SERVICE - Ultra Shine Triple Coat, specially formulated for today's clear coat finishes.

It's not just for windows anymore. Available Ala Carte or included with your best value, the Ultimate wash.

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